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You name it how you want: kite, kite surf, kitesurfing, fly surfing, kite boarding, (even some people call it sky kate surf surfing.) Do not care. This is the same sport, sliding on the water with the aid of a table, a kite or kite, and wind. In Tarifa, Cadiz, southern Spain. Our kiteschool, or kitesurfing school do you teach kitesurfing in the famous winds of Tarifa, east and west. Come when you want to take a course in kite, kite workshop, to teach our brand Cabrinha kites. Tarifa is an amazing place to practice kitesurfing, from beginner to advanced. Years ago it was the wind-surfing, but now the kite surfing or kite surfing this trendy. Our courses and workshops, classes or kite lessons are aimed at all levels, ages and types of people. Our teachers, all graduates and professionals with extensive experience in kitesurfing. We work in Tarifa, giving kite courses for 9 years. Our experience as a school or school, teaching, courses, workshops, camps, lessons, courses, kite, kitesurf, kitesurfing. kiteschool is extensive. We can say that our kiteschool is unique in quality, experience and dedication. Kiteobsession Tarifa will teach kitesurfing and will make your life change so incredible and better. In our shop in Tarifa, school, schools have class, classes, course, courses, where you can learn, rent and practice kite surfing, kitesurfing, kiteschool, kite, kites, fly surfing, skiing, kiteboarding, kiteboarding. Kite Tarifa, kite rate, fee kitesurfing, kite surfing rate, kiteschool rate, kitesurf school fee, course fee kite, kite course fee, course fee kitesurfing, kitesurfing course fee, course fee kitesurfing, kitesurf course fee, fee kite school, schools kite Tarifa,