Complete Kitesurf Course: 3 – 4 Days

Courses Prices


3 DAYS - 9 hours
3 DAYS - 12 hours
180 €
3 hours at day
  240 €
4 hours at day
4 DAYS - 12 hour
4 DAYS - 16 hours
240 €
3 hours at day
  310 €
4 hours at day

Course Details

Learn how to kitesurf with this “complete course”. This course is perfect if you really want to be an independent kitesurfer, with us you will learn everything you need to know how to practice in a safe way by yourself. First day of lessons is on the sand, and from the second day we do several exercises in the water. Gear (kite, bar, wetsuit, harness, vest, helmet…) and insurances are included.

What do you learn during the first day:
  • How to rigg the equipment, and basic wind knowledge.
  • Kite control.
  • Security systems.
Second day:
  • Kite control from the water.
  • Body drag.
  • First contact with the board.
Third day:
  • Waterstart.
  • Ride your first meters.
Fourth day:
  • Sailing both ways.
All kitesurf equipment (kite, bar, wetsuits, harness, floatability vest, helmet…) is included, also accident insurance and third liability insurance.

At the end of your course we give you an IKO certificate (International Kiteboarding Organization)

All our instructors have the IKO license and are professional qualified kitesurfing teachers. Kitesurf is an extreme sport that you can learn in a safe way, always with the supervision of an instructor. Following a complete kitesurf course, you will be able to practice on your own, knowing how to react in every situation you can find.