Private Kite Lessons

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2 horas
  110 €
3 horas

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Detalle del Curso

The Private Kitesurf Lesson is the best way to learn this sport, the most fast and effective. As you are alone with your own gear (kite, board, wetsuit, harness, vest, helmet…) and the attention of the instructor is all for you, he corrects any mistake you can do.

The Private Kitesurf Lesson fits perfect to all levels, from beginners to intermediate, is the perfect course if you want to learn any especial skill of your navigation like turns, jumps, new tricks, or the new technic of Surf Kite. Whatever you want.

The semiprivate course is the best if you are coming with a friend, your boyfriend, girlfriend… in this lesson you will be with one instructor. Normally you share the gear and each one of you has his own harness, wetsuit, vest and helmet. You share the kite and the board. This lessons are more personalized, and you learn faster than in the group lesson because you don’t have to wait other students, furthermore the instructor is with you all time, so every mistake is corrected at the moment.

The course fits perfect to all the levels, from beginners to intermediate, and also for advanced kiters. It is good also if you have done a kite course some time ago and you need a small refresh about all what you have learnt before, to get back fast at the level you had at the last course.