Rent Kitesurf Equipment

Alquiler de Material

We have the best brands of the market to rent, Cabrinha, Core, Dasilva, Crazyfly, Mystic, Oneill,… if you are tired to travel with your gear, rent the last models of this year with us!!

Forget to take all your equipment, paying the expensive rates with the flights, taking the risk that they loose your bags ,to be stolen or finding your gear broken?

Rent a new kite of the model you like most and the perfect size for the day conditions.

Change when you want, taste different models of kites, boards, harnesses,…


Rent Full Equipment.

Kite + Bar + Board + Arnes + Wetsuit + Vest + Helmet 59€


Kite + Bar 45€ Hidrofoil 50€
Boards 15€ Accessories 10€
Surf Boards 25€ Arnes, wetsuit, vest…

Super Descuentos para alquiler de varios días

Bono Descuento 5 alquileres 250€
Bono Descuento 10 alquileres 450€

Consúltanos sin ningún tipo de compromiso para planes mas específicos!

Alquiler Material Kitesurf

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