Courses + Accommodation in Tarifa

Kiteobsession wants to make it easy for you and this is why we offer kitesurfing courses and accommodation packs in Tarifa. We know about hotels, hostels and apartments so we can find the most suitable to your needs.

We have very good rates for kitesurfing courses and accommodation packs because Kiteobsession doesn’t charge commission from any hotel, hostel or apartment, and this way we guarantee the best price for our students. We organize your accommodation as an extra service, for our students only and at no extra cost. You will always pay for your accommodation at your chosen hotel, hostel or apartment.

You have two options:

1-Tell us what type of accommodation you would like, how many people are coming with you and we will find the place for you in Tarifa.

2-Choose one of our pre-designed packs according to the course and number of nights you’d like to stay.


We know every type of accommodation Tarifa has to offer and we can find what you need:



-Hostels with shared rooms… This is the cheapest option and most recommended for solo travellers or if you’re on a budget.

The price per person in a shared dorm is from 15 to 20€.



Private room in a hotel. We recommend the “Alborada Hotel” for its location, great service and value for money. Prices will vary according to the season.

Prices for a double room start at 45€



Private apartments, one of the best options for groups of friends or families that would like to enjoy their privacy. This option is the most frequently requested and in some cases, depending on the season, the price per person per night can end up being cheaper than staying at a hostel.

An apartment for 2 people will cost from 45€ a night.


2 days of classes + 1 night: 155€/ 6 hour course. 180€/ 8 hour course.

3 days of classes + 2 nights: 235€/ 9 hour course. 280€/ 12 hour course.

4 days of classes + 3 nights: 310€/ 12 hour course. 370€/ 16 hour course.

5 days of classes + 4 nights: 390€/ 15 hour course. 460€/ 20 hour course.

Prices are per person.


Fill out the form and ask us about anything you need.

You can also send us a message through WhatsApp or call us on +34 656 67 88 15

Would you like to take a kitesurfing course and need accommodation but are travelling with other people that don’t want to practice kitesurfing? No problem, we have accommodation options for everyone, even if only one person is taking a course. So you don’t have anything to worry about or pay any commissions.

Remember that we don’t charge commission from any accommodation and this is why we can find the lowest prices, especially if you reserve in advance.

Money-back guarantee.

At Kiteobsession you only pay for the courses you do.

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Tell us on which date you arrive to Tarifa and your departure date.
Ask us anything you need to know. Also we need to know how many days of classes you would like and how many days of accommodation you need, and if you’re coming alone or accompanied. We can adapt our courses and accommodation options to your needs.