Group Beginner’s “Deluxe” Kitesurfing Course

This kitesurfing course is one of the most demanded ones, especially by the students who come decided to really learn. At this course you will learn all the steps of your kitesurfing progression under the guidance of our instructors. The “deluxe” kitesurfing course can go for 4 or 5 days. Each day you will practice for 3 or 4 hours, although it is most recommended to do 4, especially on good wind days.

This course is ideal to enjoy if you come accompanied by friends or family, although if you come by yourself we may be able to find you a spot in a group if you’d like.

The group kitesurfing course will have a maximun of 4 students, with 1 instructor and 2 kites in the sky, each one shared by 2 students.

A breakdown of a kitesurfing course in Tarifa would be:

1- Kite control on land

2- Kite control in the water (body dragging) and experiencing the power of the kite in the water.

3- Kite + board in the water... First you will learn how to put the board on your feet and then how to get up on the board (waterstart).

4- Consistent riding, first transitions.


The first step for any kitesurfing course is to learn how to control the kite on land. The instructor will explain basic concepts about the wind and the student will learn how to set up his equipment. From the very beginning you will be practicing with the kite. You will learn how to fly the kite, hold it in one position, launching and landing, and walking with it in any direction… Everything you need in order to be able to control the kite to perfection.


After this, the student will be ready to enter the water with the kite, without the board, and so at this point you get to wear a wetsuit. At this stage, the student will continue to learn kite flying skills, this time inside the water, generating power so that the kite pulls you. This exercise is called body-dragging, and it’s where the fun and the new sensations start to increase more and more.


Once you can control the kite, on land as well as in the water, we would start with exercises with the board. First, we teach you how to put your board on your feet whilst controlling the kite and then to maintain the position of your body giving your back to the wind. If all goes well, we begin to steer the kite and you’ll have your first attempts at standing on top of a kitesurfing board. This is what we call waterstart.

Once the student can put his own board on his feet, keeping the kite under control, he will continue to practice until he can ride his first meters.


Here is where you will see a big difference with the basic course, it is when we begin to better understand what we’ve learnt and how to control the kite, the board and our body.

Our riding will become more consistent and we will try our first transitions.

You will have more time to enjoy the board and the kite. Some will even be able to ride back to where they started or reduce the walk back to their starting point.

This progression can be faster or slower depending on the conditions of the wind, but above everything it will depend on each person, because some will learn quicker than others.

What’s important is to start with the kitesurfing course and see the progression and new sensations acquired by the student, so that the course can be adapted to each one of them. But above all, with the “deluxe” kitesurfing course you will have more hours of practice and experience in the water with the kite and the board.

When you finish your course, if you’d like we can give you a certificate of the level achieved in accordance with the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) which will allow you to continue your course at another spot or to rent equipment if you have made it to that level.


All kitesurfing gear is included in the course.

We supply the full equipment: wetsuit, harness, floatation vest, and the kitesurfing equipment, kite, control barr, and board of the highest quality brands like Cabrinha, Naish, Brunotti and O’Neill.

Radio helmets so you can always listen to your instructor even when you’re in the water.

We also have all the insurance and licenses needed to practice this activity in Tarifa.

We work with 3 rescue boats.

What do I need to bring to my kitesurfing course?

Comfortable clothes, sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, lots of water or juice to drink during the class and above all lots of motivation and energy because you will sure enjoy it.

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4 Day Course 3h/Day: 240€

5 Day Course 3h/Day: 299€

Prices are per person

4 Day Course 4h/Day: 310€

5 Day Course 4h/Day: 380€

Prices are per person

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