Kitesurf Equipment Rental at Tarifa Kiteobsession.

Renting kitesurfing equipment is an excellent choice if you want to have the luxury of riding with the latest and newest kites, and to be able to choose the right size kite for the day. You can also try boards different in shape and in size, in order to know what would be your perfect quiver for when you’re ready to buy.


Do you need an excuse to rent?

Have you finished your kitesurfing course and would like to continue riding? 

Did you learn somewhere else and would like to rent equipment in Tarifa?

Do you have your own gear but have decided to travel without it to avoid excess baggage charges?

Do you have a kite with you but today you need a different size one?

Choose the kite you need from our newest and latest NAISH or CABRINHA selection.

We have all the kitesurfing equipment you need:

-Kites in all sizes and models, new from this year.

-The best brands: Cabrinha, Naish, Brunotti, O’Neill, Go Foil, Crazy Fly

-Boards of all the sizes, models and for every discipline: twintips or bidirectionals, surf kite, hydrofoil.

-Incredible prices and special rates for multiple day rentals.

-Rescue card to ride safe thanks to the Sea Angels.

-You can swap your chosen kite or board for another one whenever you like without extra cost.

Choose the board you like the most from BRUNOTTI, CABRINHA, CRAZY FLY or NAISH…


Get in touch and ask us anything you need to know; you can call us or send us a message on WhatsApp on

+34 656678815

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First Name
Ask us anything you need to know. We have all 2019 CABRINHA and NAISH kites and boards, plus new BRUNOTTI boards . Let us know when you're coming and what you need and we will have it ready for you.
Write down on which dates you would like to rent kitesurfing equipment


Full Equipment:       59€ / day

5 Day Rental:      265€

10 Day Rental:   470€

All equipment included in the price.

Renting material separately:

Kite + bar:    45€

Twintip board:  15€

Surfboard:       20€

Hydrofoil:         49€

Accessories:      10€